Software Development Trends in 2020

We are in the new decade and already excited to embrace the changes and trends we will see in IT & Technology. Software development became an integral part to every sector / industry. There are few important trends that will continue over the coming years.

We are sharing few latest trends in IT & Technology that will continof the world. These developments and changes will have a vast impact on our lives. ue into the new decade. 

  • Artificial Intelligence will become foundational to many technologies around the world
  • Python will be the popular language used in ML research to video game development to web development
  • Edge & Cloud Computing will be the future of computation and industry
  • New Programming Languages on rise are – Rust, TypeScript, Kotlin, & Swift
  • Kubernetes will be an important tool for Developers, for integration using Cloud technologies
  • React will continue to be the most dominant JavaScript web framework
  • 5G, predicted to transform the world, will be the Next Big Thing for Developers

Choose the Right S/w Development Company

It is like hiring a crew to build your new house. Triple check the company with whom you will work with over the next few months, or sometimes even years, and more importantly, may decide on your success or failure. Here are the set of questions and checklist find a software development company for your requirement.

General questions

  1. How do you work? Tell me more about your process/approach to creating an application.
  2. How do we communicate during a project to know the PPP (progress, plans, problems)?
  3. How do you ensure we know when things go wrong? How you handled a project in the past that went wrong?  
  4. What do you expect from us and what should we expect from you during the cooperation?
  5. How do you try to deliver the product that will match our and our markets expectations?
  6. What collaboration tools do you use during the project?
  7. Will we use an instant communication system?
  8. Will the developers assigned to my project work on any other project at the same time?

Technical questions

  1. How do you ensure software quality – for example, peer code review or automated tests?
  2. Will I own the source code?
  3. Do you work on technical documentation?
  4. Could you provide me profiles of the assigned developers?
  5. Can I talk to the best-skilled person on your team?
  6. Tell me how you will solve/build – give a tricky part of your app and ask the potential software development partner how they will approach it.
  7. Could you share with me your best practices for writing the code?

Business questions

  • Why are you better than other software houses? What makes you special?
  • What is your pricing per Man-Day? What does it include?
  • Have you done any project similar to mine, regarding the Industry/Technology/Product Features?
  • Could you provide any testimonials/references from your previous clients?
  • What is your experience working with Startups/SMBs/Enterprises?

Outsourcing Software Development

For building a custom software, your businesses can opt for an in-house team or an outsourcing partner. While both the options for custom software development have their set of cons and pros, the benefits of Outsourcing software development are overpowering. Software applications are managing almost every critical aspect of a business. They are transforming the business models, streamlining significant processes, and improving the way value is delivered to the customers. Hence, a custom software – one that compliments the business and adhere to its requirements is a must have.

Outsourcing is like delegating tasks – without which you will not find enough time to grow your business. Find experts either in-house or offshore/nearshore to build the best possible software for you. Working with software development company will help you to solve three things:

  1. How to reduce fixed costs
  2. How to speed up/scale your development team
  3. How to find skilled developers fast

Today software development outsourcing is a kind of external SaaS tool to grow a technology behind your business.

  • Reduce a software development cost
  • Reduce hiring mistakes
  • Increase your team skills at any time and scale the team
  • Focus on your core business
  • Working Remotely is becoming a world-wide standard
  • Corporates outsource to get applications done faster

However, outsourcing could be your best bet, only when you choose the right technology partner and know what to expect from them. Here are few guidelines: 

  • Choose right technology partner
  • Choose right technology stack
  • Analyse the cost and timelines
  • Product development and deployment
  • Maintenance and Analysis