At DSS we can help companies migrate/port their software between many platforms and toolkits including:

  • Windows to Linux
  • SCO UNIX to Linux
  • UNIX to Windows
  • IBM Websphere to JBoss
  • Motif to Windows MFC
  • Motif to Java
  • Motif to Qt
  • Windows to Java
  • Java AWT to Java Swing
  • Java to Windows
  • J2ME to BREW
  • BREW to J2ME
  • Visual Basic (VB) to .NET
  • Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Whether you are porting from one flavor of UNIX to another, migrating to an entirely new platform or migrating between GUI toolkits, DSS has the specialized skills and a range of custom tools to provide a complete migration service.

In addition we provide Mobile Porting & QA solutions for publishers, developers and operators worldwide. We can help publishers and developers to port JAVA & BREW applications and games to a wide range of smart devices and phones in a very timely and cost effective way.

Our approach to porting and migration does not focus solely on converting your application to run in a new environment. Through extensive experience we have developed techniques and tools that also ensure the reliability and integrity of your application are maintained through the migration process. We also take into consideration the constant changes in technology by adopting a strategy designed to increase the portability of your application to future platforms and toolkits. 

To see what business opportunities DSS can bring for your specific case, please feel free to contact us to start your project discussion.