Knowledge Management (KM) is the management of knowledge within organizations we at DSS can help setup the same. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is the process of outsourcing your knowledge related back office work and we at DSS can help setup the same.

KM might be described as information that has a use or purpose. Whereas information can be placed onto a computer, knowledge exists in the heads of people.  

First Generation Knowledge Management

First generation Knowledge Management involves the capture of information and experience so that it is easily accessible in a corporate environment. An alternate term is “knowledge capture”. Managing this capture allows the system to grow into a powerful information asset.

This first branch had its roots firmly in the use of technology. In this view Knowledge Management is an issue of information storage and retrieval. It uses ideas derived from systems analysis and management theory. This approach led to a boom in the development of so-called knowledge technologies.

Second Generation Knowledge Management

Faced with the theoretical and practical failure of first generation techniques to live up to its promise, theorists began to look more closely at the ways in which knowledge is created and shared.

Second generation Knowledge Management gives priority to the way in which people construct and use knowledge. It derives its ideas from complex systems, often making use of organic metaphors to describe knowledge growth. It is closely related to organizational learning. It recognizes that learning and doing are more important to organizational success than dissemination and imitation.

Our Aim

Knowledge Management Services by DSS is aimed to help the clients make better decisions. We will help you find better solutions for your company to use this information to grow revenue, seed long-term customer relationships, and shape product planning to answer emerging trends.

Our Approach

Every company should remember that Knowledge Management is not just about technology. The solutions that work best take into account technological, organizational, and cultural factors. A company should remember that it will take a long way to start with Knowledge Management.

The technical solutions for knowledge management, ranges from groupware to data mining tools, to search engines, to PDAs, to portals.

Our procedure:

  • Start with a business problem that relates specifically to knowledge, i.e. low success, ineffective marketing and web site strategies, or high personnel turnover.
  • Ask yourself what knowledge you need in order to solve this problem. What makes sense

Then you will conclude what your solution should look like. At DSS, we are ready to help you choose and implement the tools and techniques that will get you to that solution.