Join with DSS !!

Want to explore the advantages of joining a team of highly efficient IT experts ?

Want to be a part of the company which combines Industry knowledge, data and technology with a personal touch?

At DSS we have people coming from a wide range of cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds and working together with a passion to deliver results.  

Our Team

At DSS, we hire professionals and train them to enable them to enhance their talents that help create and foster innovation led solutions for the benefit of our customers. Our people come from diverse, multidisciplinary skills, with strong educational background. Employee development is fostered through a collaborative, intellectually challenging work environment that emphasizes mutual respect, leadership, and measured risk-taking.

Our Culture

At DSS, we uphold a friendly, equitable and open work culture. As an employee-centric company, we understand what drives our people. We extend unparalleled opportunities, a learning-friendly environment, and a flexible and fun-filled work culture to help you accelerate your growth and take charge of your career trajectory.

We believe in the practice of employee delight and engagement as the key driver of our culture. Our global and multicultural workforce strengthens us with varied insights, thoughts, and ideas, and drives innovation in a volatile environment. We stand by an open culture and motivate our employees to take the lead, exhibit their capabilities, skills, and passions, and make a difference!

Our Values

Our manpower is the most valued asset of our Company.  We recognize that their dedication, dependability and discipline are the key factors to achieve our success.

“Through honesty, integrity, accountability and teamwork, we will deliver quality services and solutions in a fun and friendly environment that respects everyone’s beliefs and values.  These characteristics contribute to the shared responsibility of fulfilling our mission.”