DSS-CMS has a suite of selective modules specifically tailored to the requirements of education industry. It is engineered and designed considering wide range of management functions within the university. With the use of DSS-CMS, the staff can be made more accountable as it helps to know the performance of each department in just few seconds. Almost all departments e. g. admission, administration, time table, examination, HR, finance, hostel, transport etc can be synchronized and accessed. DSS-CMS helps to assign the responsibilities to employee staff and reduce time wastage. It helps speed up the administrative functions.

In today’s competitive environment, colleges are experiencing historically high numbers of applicants. Effectively managing the admissions process is crucial for Bharat group of institutions to admit students who meet their entrance requirements and will succeed both at college and professionally. With limited staffing and a high volume of applicants, many of whom will need to reapply more than once, reducing paperwork and increasing efficiency without hiring additional staff is key to the admissions department’s smooth functioning. DSS-CMS helps manage the many unique challenges created in the registration and admission process.

Our Solution

Our team understands the unique needs faced by colleges today. Because it is so flexible and easily configurable for each individual college, DSS-CMS allows users to make adjustments that will best suit the specific needs of any program. The ability to quickly process applicants and prospects makes front-office operations as efficient as possible. With this solution, colleges can effortlessly streamline admissions processes, accreditation documentation, evaluations and administrative functions. The unique ability to adapt and adjust to meet the ever-changing needs of education industry makes DSS-CMS the clear choice for any college.

Core functions like admissions, library management, transport management, students’ attendance in short entire range of university functions are well performed by DSS-CMS. The interface with Moodle greatly enhances the accuracy and quality of automating the setting up of courses for students. The biggest benefit has been the ability to create accurate reports. The management relies heavily on numerous reports generated.

  • A single sign-on for multiple college management
  • Dashboard
  • Student Information system
  • Admission Management
  • ID-Card Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Course Management
  • Fees Management
  • Timetable Management
  • Exams Management
  • Certification
  • Transport Management
  • Hostel Management
  • SMS / Email Integration
  • HR & Payroll Management
  • Documents Management
  • Alumni Management
  • Event Management

A secured College management system (online) that meets all the regulatory requirements mandate.

  • Manage rolling enrollment
  • Manage record number of applications
  • Govern all our processes smoothly
  • Students learned more with this delivery system than during their classroom experience