The information and technology services sector plays a significant and vital role in the global economy being the ‘enablers’ for productivity growth for all the other sectors. The drive for greater efficiency and the increasing globalization of business markets requires companies to modify, improve, and re-develop their technologies, products, and services in order to satisfy consumer demands while having to invest in the hardware and software infrastructure that enables them to operate in increasingly competitive markets.

DSS is focused on understanding the client’s requirements not only from a technical stand-point but also from a business stand-point, thus enabling the best possible solutions. Our consultants go deep into the logistics of the existing system and the desired platform and analyze all possible avenues before giving a solution to the client. Deriving the best suited, economical and sales guiding model using comparative and qualitative analysis, in complete adherence to the Institutions goals, is what DSS thrives on.

  • Infrastructure design, development, maintenance
  • Server management
  • Network management
  • Database management
  • Application management
  • Data & Information security
  • Server virtualization
  • Service desk implementation
  • End-user management
  • Remote Monitoring Services

At DSS, we offer consulting and project outsourcing services for small, mid and large-sized companies. Our Consultants work with clients to help achieve them their business goals related to Financial and Process/Technology improvement. Using our well defined Process methodology and Delivery model, we have successfully delivered projects to clients in various industries.

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