Our Value Proposition

Project Management

Major challenge for clients who outsource work offshore is project control and management. DSS has developed technical system that enables the client to have almost complete control over their outsourced project. The system provides status updates, tracks issues, sends reminders and enhances project communication.

Return on Investment

The main goal of DSS’s operating models, infrastructure and systems is to make them cost effective while ensuring their highest quality. The combination of onsite and offshore work ensures that customers receive the best return for their investment. The Knowledge warehouses built by DSS ensure high reusability and faster time-to-development.


Some of the key issues facing corporations today include – changes in technology, changes in team sizes, reductions in time-to-market and managing with low operating costs. DSS helps clients address all these issues by offering a high level of flexibility. We are extremely quick and responsive to not only bring the right value, but to quickly also adapt to clients’ methodologies and culture.

Low Cost

DSS has been extremely flexible and accommodating to provide the highest value for investment and consistently offer more savings in most engagements.

High Quality

DSS’s commitment to quality has been exceptional. DSS’s objective is to deliver an unparalleled value for software projects, as we believe this to be the only way to ensure customer satisfaction. To reach this goal, we at DSS concentrate on three fundamental quality factors: Competent Personnel, Efficient Process and Effective Communication.

Safe Methodology

DSS offers a safe methodology to its clients through unique development methodology using a combination of the established project tracking and management processes, and communication techniques. Our objective is to significantly reduce risk, while offering low cost and high quality services. In addition to injecting stricter controls and regulations into the management of clients’ IP, we prevent inadvertent information leaks by educating our developers, managers, and other personnel on what IP is and why it is necessary to closely guard all client information.